Meet The Midwives
Homer Birth and Wellness Center

Founded by midwives Sarah Robertson and Amy Reedy, the Homer Birth and Wellness was established in 2014 in Homer, Alaska.

Homer Birth and Wellness Center began its journey into being 15 years ago when Amy Reedy and Sarah Robertson first met. Sarah was a teacher at the kindergarden where Amy sent her children, Amy was just finishing her schooling as a midwife. Their friendship flourished and eventually Amy invited Sarah to assist in her homebirth practice. They understood quickly that their working relationship empowered the women and families who used their services so it was fortuitous that Amy took Sarah on as her apprentice, a traditional route to midwifery. As their time together unfolded it became obvious that the southern Kenai Peninsula was lacking in choices for women of reproductive age and so Amy supported Sarah when the concept of HBWC was born.
It has taken 3 years, patience and loving support from their families to bring this birth center to fruition. Amy and Sarah work in partnership to provide comprehensive, individualized care for the women of Homer and surrounding areas.  Their goal is to work closely with women and families, guiding them through the many choices of the childbearing year. They work closely with multiple care providers in the community as needed, and are comfortable referring to and consulting with the provider of your choosing should the need arise.

Meet the Midwives

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